Dash Troubleshooting - Connection between Left & Right

When The Dash are working correctly they will breathe in sync while in The Charger. If you are sure both Dash are correctly positioned in the MagSnap in The Charger and they are not breathing in sync then they may be defective and will need to be changed. Please contact Bragi Customer Support to request a replacement.

The left and right Dash use Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) to communicate with each other. This technology is immune from breakups that Bluetooth suffers but other situations can cause the audio to drop out. The Left and Right Dash are constantly exchanging messages with each other over the NFMI link during normal operation. This exchange is essential for the reliable functioning of The Dash. Should this link not be stable then you may experience the following effects:

  • Left side not responding to touch gestures
  • Left side sound feedback in response to touch gestures delayed or missing
  • Audio dropouts on the left side
  • Music volume not synchronised in the left and right Dash


Left - Right Link Intermittent Problems

If the audio sometimes drops in your Left or Right Dash or you experience any of the effects above then please try the following steps.

  1. Both Dash must be securely fitted in your ear such that the optical contacts on the in-ear surface of The Dash make a stable connection to your ear. If The Dash are not securely fitted they will turn off to save power, and this will stop the audio. See the PerfectFit guide to help get the best fit of The Dash.
  2. All audio streams, either from the Dash Audio Player or streamed over Bluetooth, originate in the Right Dash so if the Right Dash is not fitted correctly then audio in both Dash will stop.
  3. The Right Dash can be used standalone as a mono Bluetooth headset and audio player.  If the Left Dash does not receive any audio or respond to touch gestures it is possible the Right Dash has been put into stand alone before. To rectify this situation put both Dash back in The Charger and reinsert in ear carefully, inserting the Left Dash first if possible.
  4. To test the fit and insertion of The Dash in your ears it is best to copy some music to The Dash and use the internal media player to hear audio. Follow the Internal Media Player Guide for more information. You will hear music in stereo with no drop outs.
  5. It is possible to mix Left and Right Dash from different pairs and if you have access to more Dash then these can be used to help isolate problems. However, if you do so then make sure that both Dash pairs are running the same software version. You can learn more about this topic here.
  6. When using The Dash as a headset, the left audio can eventually drop out during active calls. This effect is more pronounced with some phones than others. We are currently investigating the cause.
  7. When The Dash are in ear and active you will be able to hear a low level noise in each ear, this means the audio path is active. As a test make a forwards swipe on the Left Dash, this will turn audio transparency on. See The Dash Touch interface guide for more detail. A fully functioning Dash will give audible feedback 'Audio Transparency On', however you may hear transparency enable on the Left Dash only. This may indicate the Right Dash is not well seated or that there is a problem with the NFMI link between the Right and Left Dash.

If you are sure The Dash are correctly inserted in your ears and you still experience breaks in audio then please contact Bragi Customer Support for advice.


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