Update the software on The Dash

Please use The new Dash Desktop Updater to update your Dash.

If your computer doesn't support The new Dash Desktop Updater or you simply want to install an update on The Dash without installing any other programs you can always make use of The Dash web updater.

Updating the software on your Dash is very important to ensure the best possible experience with your Dash, so please watch the video and read the instructions. 



Charge The Dash and The Charger for 2 hours

  1. Place The Dash in The Charger and make sure both The Left and Right Dash sit correctly on the MagSnap.
  2. Connect The Charger to a power supply or your computer via the USB Cable.
  3. Charge The Dash for at least 2 hours before continuing with the update procedure to ensure The Dash and the Charger have enough power to complete the update. 


Check for available updates 

  1. With The Dash in The Charger, connect it to your computer via the USB cable. (Your computer needs to have Internet access to check for updates.)
  2. The Dash will now appear as a regular USB device. 
  3. Use Finder/Explorer and select »The Dash« from the list of devices connected to your computer.
  4. Double click the file: "update.bragi.com.html" on »The Dash«.
  5. You are automatically directed to the Bragi update page.
  6. The Bragi update page will automatically display if there is a new software version available for you.


Install a new software update on The Dash

In case there is a software update available for your Dash, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on "Download Update". The download of the software update to your computer will start automatically.
  2. A file named fwthedash.bra should now be in your download directory. 
  3. Make sure that the downloaded file has the correct name as stated above. 
  4. Copy and paste the fwthedash.bra file onto »The Dash«. (Make sure the file does not have a number after it e.g. fwthedash-2.bra or fwthedash(2).bra this will not allow the update to start)
  5. Safely eject The Dash from your system as you would safely remove a USB drive.
  6. Disconnect the USB Cable from your computer. This will trigger the update process. 
  7. When The Dash is updating it will start blinking in a blue color for the duration of the update.
  8. DO NOT remove The Dash from The Charger until the update is complete. (The lights may go off on either Dash for up to a minute, this is normal please be patient)
  9. The update is finished when both left and right Dash start "breathing" (a slow regular pulsation of the LED LightGuide). 
  10. Your Dash is now updated and ready to be used again. Enjoy!

Please note that the update may take up to 2 hours. Do not remove The Dash from The Charger until the software update is completed!

To check that the update has been successfully completed you can either connect The Dash to the Bragi App or double click the "update.bragi.com.html" file on The Dash.  This will take you to the update page where you will see if your Dash is currently up to date. 



The Dash uses LED lights to present feedback regarding its system status. If you are sensitive to flashing light patterns for any reason, it is recommended that you do not look directly at The Dash during the update process.



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