Get started with The Dash

Inside the package you will find The Dash fitted with Extra Small size "XS" FitSleeves, The Charger, The Slide, a USB to Micro USB Cable and additional FitSleeves in sizes S, M and L.



Activate and charge

Before you can get started using The Dash it needs to be activated.

  1. To activate The Dash simply place The Dash into The Charger and make sure it sits correctly on the MagSnap. 
  2. Connect The Charger to a computer or a power source via USB.
  3. The LightGuide will pulse with a blue light and The Dash is now activated and will start charging.
  4. The LightGuide on The Dash will start breathing (a slow regular pulsation) to indicate the current battery status when charging.
  5. Out of the box, The Dash will have some charge, however, it is recommended that you fully charge The Dash before first use.
  6. The battery is fully charged when the breathing is blue.
  7. The Dash is now activated, fully charged and ready for use.



Insert The Dash in your ears

Learn in detail how to insert The Dash to a PerfectFit.

  1. Tilt The Dash slightly forward and insert the speaker tip into your ear.
  2. Adjust the fit by rotating The Dash backwards until you feel a comfortable and secure fit.
  3. With the PerfectFit you should feel The Dash completely sealing your ear canal while it sits snugly in your ear with a 3-point secure fit, as shown in the diagram below.

Inserting The Dash for the first time, you will be welcomed with an introduction to its features as well as how you get started by adding music files to the Internal Music Player or how to stream audio by pairing and connecting The Dash with your smartphone or any other device.

Please note that this message is only available one time.



Change The FitSleeves

The Dash is designed to give you a PerfectFit. To maximise your experience with The Dash we strongly recommend that you try all FitSleeves in order to find the size that gives you The PerfectFit.

Learn more about The PerfectFit and how to change The FitSleeves.


Connect via Bluetooth

The Dash uses two different Bluetooth technologies to connect and communicate with other devices and applications.

The Right Dash connects via Bluetooth Classic and enables music streaming and headset functionality with your smartphone, tablet, computer or any other compatible device.

Learn in detail about the features of The Right Dash and how to connect The Dash for music.

The Left Dash connects via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and enables the data from the Activity Tracker to be used together with the Bragi App or other preferred apps.

Learn in details about the features of The Left Dash and how to connect The Dash for data.


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