Refresh and reset The Dash


Refresh The Dash

As with most electronic devices, The Dash is susceptible to electrostatic discharge (ESD). Events like these will not damage The Dash but may cause unexpected behaviour or resulting in the EarTouch becoming unresponsive. If you experience these events or, in general, irregular behaviour of The Dash it sometimes needs to be refreshed.

To refresh The Dash, please use the following steps:

  1. Place the Dash in The Charger making sure it sits correctly on the MagSnap.
  2. As soon as the The LightGuide on The Dash starts breathing (a slow regular pulsation) The Dash is refreshed and ready to use again.

Reset The Dash

If you can not revive The Dash with a refresh, it may need to be reset.

To reset The Dash, please use the following steps:

  1. Place The Dash in The Charger and make sure it sits on the MagSnap.
  2. Press and hold the pinhole button on the right side of The Charger until you see 3 red flashes on The Charger LED.
  3. Release after the 3 red flashes and The Dash is reset.

Releasing the pinhole button after 3 flashes is important as keeping the pinhole button pressed for longer will eventually put The Dash into Shipping Mode. (This is not damaging to The Dash in any way, however, you will have to connect The Charger including The Dash to a power source before you are able to use them again.) 

Learn more about shipping mode here.

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