Insert The Dash to a PerfectFit


To maximise your experience with The Dash it is important that it is inserted and fitted correctly in your ears. This is referred to as PerfectFit by Bragi. 

To achieve the best audio performance and optimal quality of the EarBone Microphone during phone calls, you need to make sure you are sealing off your ear canal with the tip of the FitSleeves. If you have a poor seal of the ear canal your audio will lack bass and sound tinny. 

The performance of the Activity Tracker is also dependent on the fit as the accuracy of the live feedback is relying on stable sensor readings. The sensors on The Dash are all located within the DataHub. In order to give you accurate bio-metric data readings during your activity it is important that the DataHub is positioned as close to your skin as possible.

To insert and adjust The Dash to a PerfectFit please follow the guide below:

  1. Take The Right Dash, tilt it slightly forward and insert the speaker tip into your ear canal.
  2. Adjust by rotating The Dash backwards while gently pressing the upper part of The Dash into a locked position behind the ridge of your outer ear until the fit feels comfortable and secure. 

With the PerfectFit you should feel The Dash completely sealing your ear canal while it sits snugly in your ear with a 3-point secure fit, as shown in the diagram below.

Achieving the PerfectFit may require some experimenting finding an insertion method as well as a size of FitSleeves that gives you the best possible fit. 

For further adjustment of the 3-point secure fit, a helpful tip is to use one hand to lift up your ear and adjust with the other as shown below. 

If you are using FitSleeves too big for your ears the lenses in the DataHub will not have proper contact with your skin leading to inaccuracy in the performance feedback. 

If the used FitSleeves are too small for your ears the fit may be too loose and therefore also leading to inaccuracy in the sensor readings.

It is strongly recommend that you try to change to different sizes of the FitSleeves to find the size that gives you a PerfectFit.

Learn more about the PerfectFit and how you change The FitSleeves.

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