Master Volume & Audio Transparency


Adjust Master Volume

The Master Volume is controlled on The Right Dash. It regulates the relative volume of music playback, voice prompts, sound icons and Audio Transparency. 

  1. Swipe forward to turn the Master Volume UP
  2. Swipe backward to turn the Master Volume DOWN


The Dash Master Volume & External Devices

The Dash is an »active« audio system, meaning that it does not just reflect the volume level of a connected external device but it also amplifies audio signals itself enabling you to listen to music on The Internal Music Player as well as handling phone calls. 

The safe level for prolonged listening depends on many factors, including external device settings, but also how the music material was recorded and compressed. 

For safe use we recommend to use The Dash at medium volume levels. The Master Volume settings reflects the volume of The Dash - not the device to which The Dash is connected.


Adjust Audio Transparency

On The Left Dash you can control Audio Transparency which will amplify the sounds of your ambient environment. Audio Transparency enables you to hear what is going on around you as well as engaging in a conversation without having to remove The Dash from your ears.

Use the EarTouch on The Left Dash to control Audio Transparency:

  1. Swipe forward to turn the audio transparency ON
  2. Swipe backward to turn the audio transparency OFF

Audio Transparency allows you to amplify the sounds of your ambient environment. Despite being either ON or OFF, the performance of the Audio Transparency is however relative to the level of the Master Volume. This means when Master Volume is set to low or muted, the Audio Transparency may not be as detectable as when Master Volume is set to maximum. Likewise, music playback also reduces the effect of the Audio Transparency.


Responsible use of audio transparency

We recommend that you consider the situation in which you use the Audio Transparency and keep the volume at a level where you can still hear your ambient environment and pay attention to your surroundings e.g. when riding your bike in heavy traffic.


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