Listen to music with the Internal Music Player

When not paired and connected with your smartphone, you can listen to music stored on The Dash using its Internal Music Player. Before you can use the Internal Music Player you need to copy your own music files to one of the four playlists in the »My Music« folder on The Dash.

The Dash is compatible with audio files that follow these guidelines:

  1. Any mp3 file with a bitrate of maximum 320KBit/second.
  2. Any aac/m4a file such as used by iTunes.
  3. All files must be free from all copy protection and digital rights management.

If you have already uploaded your favourite music files to The Dash please continue reading, otherwise you can learn more on how to add music to the playlists.



Control music playback

To control the music playback you can use these gestures on the Right Dash: 

  1. Tap to play and pause.
  2. 2 x tap to skip to the next song. 
  3. 3 x tap to skip to the previous song.
  4. 2 x tap + hold to Fast Forward. The music playback will resume when you release your finger.*
  5. 3 x tap + hold to Rewind. The music playback will resume when you release your finger.*

Removing The Dash from your ears will automatically pause the music playback. As you re-insert The Dash into your ears the music playback will resume. 

 *Fast forward and rewind are currently not available for the aac file format. 


Selecting a playlist

The Internal Music Player gives you fast access to your favourite music. When entering the Playlist Menu you can either choose between the 4 playlists or choose the »All Songs« feature which will play all songs stored on The Dash.

Learn more on how to add music to the playlists here.

  1. Hold The Right Dash for 1 second to enter/exit the Playlist Menu.
  2. 2 x tap to switch to next available Playlist
  3. 3 x tap to switch to previous Playlist
  4. Tap once to select a desired Playlist. Music will then start automatically 

Do not change the name of the »My Music« folder or the playlist folders as this will make the Internal Music Player and playlists unavailable. Only playlists containing (supported) music files are recognised and therefore accessible from within the Playlist Menu.

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