The touch controls of The Dash

The EarTouch interface is designed to make your experience with The Dash as pleasant, fluid and intuitive as possible. To control The Dash you use a range of simple tap, hold and swipe gestures on the lower half of the EarTouch.

The Right Dash controls the Master Volume, audio playback and phone calls and The Left Dash controls the Activity Tracker and Audio Transparency.


A quick introduction to the basic gestures

The EarTouch interface uses a technology called optical touch. As an advantage to touch screens on smartphones and other devices, our optical touch technology enables you to control The Dash even when it is wet or when wearing (most) gloves.

To prevent the EarTouch from triggering unintentionally when wearing a hat or with long hair covering the interface, we applied smart algorithms that detect the impact of your finger on the surface in addition to the optical recognition.

The gestures are performed the same on the Left and Right Dash. Physical contact with the surface of the EarTouch is required for any gesture to be correctly recognized.

Below you will find an explanation of the basic gestures.



A tap is a light touch on the EarTouch interface. You need to apply a small amount of force for The Dash to be able to detect a tap. A successful tap will be confirmed by a sound icon.


Hold & Long Hold

A hold is initiated with a single tap but keeping your finger on the EarTouch. After one second you will hear a sound icon, indicating that you can now remove your finger from the Interface. Removing your finger will trigger the Hold gesture. 

To issue a long hold; tap and hold your finger on the EarTouch for 5 seconds until you hear a second sound icon (pairing sound). 



Swiping is a swift horizontal movement across the EarTouch, using the tip of your finger. A swipe can be issued in either a backwards or forwards direction.



Overview of all EarTouch Gestures

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