The Dash Pro - Bluetooth Pairing Process

The following content applies to Bragi OS 3.0 or higher.


Pair & Connect to your smartphone (any audio device)

Before you start, make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone.

  1. Start pairing with a Long Hold (5sec) on The Right Dash Pro until you hear the pairing sound.
  2. The Dash Pro will now disconnect from any already connected audio device* and is (again) visible to other devices.
  3. Select "The Dash Pro ##" on your smartphone. (Do not select The Dash Pro ##X at this point)
  4. Depending on the device you are connecting to, the pairing process may take a few moments.
  5. A voice will tell you: "I am now connected" confirming that the pairing and connection has been successfully completed.

*Disconnecting from an already connected audio device does not affect the Bluetooth connection between The Dash Pro and the Bragi App. See further below for more details on how to disconnect The Dash Pro from other devices.


Connect to the Bragi App (or any other smart device or app)

To enable connection to the Bragi App, you need to be paired and connected to a smartphone at least once (see above). Until a connection to your smartphone has been established, The Dash Pro will not be available for connection in the Bragi App (or any other smart device or app).

  1. Open the Bragi App and follow the guide on how to connect The Dash Pro with the Bragi App.
  2. Once ready to connect, The Dash Pro will be visible as "The Dash Pro ##X".
  3. The Bragi App itself will notify you when connection has been successfully completed.


Disconnect The Dash Pro from your phone

The Dash Pro allows you to seamlessly disconnect from a connected device. This gives you fast access to the Internal Music Player or simply switch between paired devices with the use of a single touch gesture.

  1. To disconnect from an already connected device perform a Long Hold (5sec) on The Right Dash Pro.
  2. The Dash Pro will ask you to confirm disconnection of the audio system. To do so please Tap The Right Dash Pro or confirm by nodding your head.*
  3. The pairing time expires if no other device is connected within 2 mins.

To cancel this dialogue, simply Hold (1sec) The Right Dash Pro or shake your head. Alternatively you can also disconnect The Dash Pro directly from the Bluetooth settings on your phone.

*The disconnection does not affect the connection with the Bragi App. More information about connecting/disconnecting from the Bragi App here.


Easy re-connection

The Dash Pro and your smartphone/computers/Bluetooth speakers etc. will remember if they are already paired with each other. This allows easy re-connection with The Dash Pro. Once inserted, The Dash Pro starts looking for the device to which is was most recently connected. If Bluetooth is enabled on this device, The Dash Pro and said device automatically reconnects.

If you wish to connect to another device, you can either disconnect as described above or turn Bluetooth off on the device you do not want to connect to at this time.


Pairing and Connection Explained

The Dash Pro can keep up to 5 known devices in its internal memory. The devices that occupy this Paired Devices List (PDL) are positioned relative to when they were last connected to The Dash Pro. In other words, if you should reach the maximum of paired devices, The Dash Pro will automatically eject the device with the oldest known connection.

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